Cultural activities in the Creuse

A 1 Gite km from the tribe of Dadet

Ecomuseum of the Tuilerie de Pouligny commune of Chéniers : During a visit, or an initiation workshop, you will discover forgotten trades, tuilier, briquetier, potter but smith, charron.
Moreover, It is organized every year in August one of the greatest potters markets Chéniers.


Villages around the house pleasant to discover in the Creuse …


gite-the-tribe-of-the-Dadet-it dunoiseTHE SAME DUNOISE
( at 7 minute drive from the cottage)
Schedule of open tourist office during the period estivalle
Bar restaurant on the large Creuse
Le Paradis de Pablo : Riding stable



(at 20 minute drive from the cottage)
Artists Village
Tribute to Claude Monet came to paint in 1889 the unique landscapes of Fresselines

confluence of 2 hollow


gite-the-tribe-the-Dadet anzeme-it-clochetgite-the-tribe-the-Dadet-canoe anzemeAnze
Commune of 550 inhabitants, overlooking the gorges of the Creuse on the Left Bank. A 11 kilometers of Gite.
On the spot, hikes, canoeing in the gorges…


cottage-tribe-the-Dadet-ruins-of-crozantCROZANT (30 minutes from the cottage)
remarkable Village, overlooking the confluence of the Creuse and Sédelle marked by the presence of ruins of an ancient fortress. The wild and majestic scenery has attracted many painters.
Hotel Lépinat : Heritage Interpretation Center.
In no Guillaumin, Monet, Picabia and painters of the valley of the Creuse ....

A little further…

cottage tribe du-Aubusson tapestry-DadetAUBUSSON
(1 time of the gite)

International City of tapestry

The Aubusson tapestry is recognized throughout “Intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO.


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Chabrières wolves in GUERET
Here the wolf lives in such vast enclosure that behaviors are natural, you can observe wolves in freedom.
You can also enjoy the Chabrières forest and the Monts de Gueret.




A 42 kms from cottage, Jaumâtres the Stones, an exceptional site, a place of legend, where there are giant rocks : The altar of sacrifice, The sugar loaves ....